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Understanding the Binational Half Marathon: Frequently Asked Questions

The reality of the Binational Race is made possible through the support and collaboration of authorities from San Diego and Tijuana.

State and federal offices of both countries, pertaining to immigration matters, are coordinating to facilitate participants crossing of the US-Mexico border without any complications.

Upon crossing as a participant in the Binational Race 2024, it is essential to visibly display the race number, ensuring it corresponds to the individual carrying it, and that the athlete utilizes the designated lanes and schedule for the event.

FOR MEXICANS PARTICIPANTS: To enter the USA and begin the first leg of the historic half marathon, it is necessary to cross the border with the appropiate immigration documents, as customary.

FOR AMERICANS PARTICIPANTS: No documents are required to enter Mexico. However, upon completing the entire race and returning to the USA, participants must present the appropiate immigration documents, as customary.

In both cases, it is advisable to keep official documents securely stored to prevent any inconveniences (ensuring protection against water damage and loss).

The Binational Race is neither part of nor belong to any immigration authority; each participant must return to the US with the usual documents. Each person is responsible for complying with their immigration status to enter the US.

Binational Race

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1st Edition Binational Race San Diego - Tijuana

The Binational Race

The Binational Half Marathon is more than just a race; it’s a symbol of unity and friendship between two neighboring cities – San Diego and Tijuana.

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