Binational Race Training Plan

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Binational Race Training Plan

The Binational Race, in collaboration with JS Endurance, invites you to join our training plan for the first edition of this historic half marathon. We aim to help you achieve your goal in a professional manner while enjoying the process. We will provide you with a personalize training plan. You are one step away from improving your performance and physical health. Be part of the best binational training team.


As part of the training, we will have four check-ins where you can measure your progress and receive personalized technical support from Coach Jorge Solís. At each check-in, besides following your routine and adjusting your training, you will have the opportunity to meet and interact with athletes who, like you, are working towards the same goal.

Event Dates & Locations

Saturday, July 20: Glorietta Bay Park, Coronado at 7:00 AM

Sunday, August 11: Parque México, Playas de Tijuana

Sunday, September 1: Glorietta Bay Park, Coronado

start your training journey with jS endurance


We welcome our new collaborator, the JS Endurance team. JS Endurance is a binational team specializing in personalized endurance sports training. Its director, Jorge Solís, has a degree in physical activity and sports, a diploma in sports psychology, and is a professor at UABC. He has 13 years of experience as a coach, 6 of which were spent coaching the BC team. Among his athletes are runners, trail runners, and short- and long-distance triathletes. Traditional teams provide support and personalized training plans, but JS Endurance offers even more. As an active athlete, Jorge accompanies you in your conditioning routines, swimming, cycling, and running, which are our main interests. Whether you have run half marathons before, have training experience, or are running for the first time, JS Endurance is your best option for growing as an athlete.